Thursday, 30 September 2010

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser

Spin Master Toys sent the Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser and it was the best remote controlled car to come through the door and boy have we had a few.
We received the black with smart blue and yellow stripes, I have seen them in red and yellow too. Its for 8 years old and above
It looks great, it sleek and has the 'Wow cool car!' factor.

It has a large laser gun, it reminds me of the game with a torch on the wall when the cat chases the light, only the car chases the laser light.
Very clever it is too, I half expected it to not work but it hugs the wall well. The laser is on and the car senses the light and follows it.
I was concerned at first it may make marks on the wall so we tried it on the hall as it needs decorating. Happy to see not a mark anywhere so I risked letting Conor try it on his newly painted bedroom wall and no marks there either. If you have a smooth ceiling it even works up there if you can reach, we have artex so had to test on a neighbours.

 It takes 6 AA batteries and a first 15 minute charge so lovely and quick. It also does not give you a lot for the six batteries about 17 minutes charge. So play is limited until batteries are recharged. I think if you have two cars it would be even more fun as they can spin around each other.

Here is Spin Master's information.

Air Hogs® has revolutionized the world of R/C action and in 2010 Air Hogs® once again pushes the boundaries of R/C excitement with all new gravity-defying devices unlike anything seen before, and all of which have featured on BBC’s ‘Something for the Weekend’ during the past few weeks.

The ultimate in indoor RC racing! Laser Zero Gravity is a fully functional RC car that drives on the floor, up the walls and even upside-down! Its unique laser guided control allows it to go wherever you point it. Outstanding scale speed performance on any smooth surface, the Laser Zero Gravity glows in the dark for some night time cruising’. Age 8+

Also, new from Air Hogs® is the Vectron Wave, a hand-size UFO that is unlike any flying machine ever seen. Equipped with a state-of-the-art level sensor, the Vectron Wave can sense objects below it and will automatically adjust its height accordingly to hover above them. With this built-in automatic level sensor, the Vectron Wave does not need a remote control and is guided by a wave of your hand (or other object). Age 8+

Hawkeye is a revolutionary new helicopter that blends the boundaries between flight, aerial videography and digital media. The Hawk Eye is the first ever indoor video camera helicopter that can capture up to 5 minutes of video (320x240 pixels at full color) or hundreds of photos (640x480 pixels at full color) while it’s flying in the sky, your footage can then be downloaded to your computer to view, share and edit. Age 12+

The Air Hogs range also includes has other helicopters, planes and radio control vehicles available


  1. this looks great, and would keep my little boy amused for hours.

  2. Cor, this looks brilliant... my niece's birthday is imminent and she would LOVE it!

  3. My son has the last version of this, without the laser. He loves it, so he has put this one on his Christmas list for this year!

  4. This looks like the sort of thing my son would love.

  5. 17 minutes is a little short but it sounds worth it! Don't tell the boys but I'd probably have fun with this :D

  6. That sounds awesome! I bet my nephews would love this :)