Thursday, 19 August 2010

Sugar and Spice and Also Home Nice

For me Christmas is a very special time, I still get that buzz of excitement, visit Christmas markets and fetes and love all the sights sounds and scents that are truly all part of the festive occasion.

I adore mulled wine, mince pies, they all have great fragrance and I make my own just to have the house filled with the aromas. Well OK to get fat on the mince pies and mulled wine.

One other thing I love is bundles of cinnamon sicks and home dried baked orange slices.

Cinnamon is definitely a scent most people associate with Christmas and these gifts will certainly bring the Christmassy scent into your home and food.

The perfect stocking filler or simply to decorate the home this Christmas, ALSO Home’s delightful scented Cinnamon Boxes are ethically sourced and hand-crafted. The fragrant cinnamon bark used to make these boxes lightly fragrances the contents over time, making them perfect for storing sugar for use in coffee, baking or desserts, or simply placing on a mantelpiece or shelf to allow the gentle, spiced aroma to fragrance a room or cupboard.

Made in central Vietnam by skilled craftspeople, using sustainably harvested cinnamon bark of the region, the lidded boxes are available in two shapes; square and round.

Round measures 9 x 8cm, £10

Square measures 9 x 8cm, £10

Hmmmm Christmas I  can't wait

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  1. What a lovely product, cinnamon is definitely my favourite Christmassy smell :)