Monday, 9 August 2010

Femibion - A glowing report!

School holidays are in full swing and I am loving it but am all too aware that juggling work and being a mum full time very much takes an inordinate amount of energy.

Plus at this time of the year am looking forward to my holidays and want to look my best too, so my first thoughts run to my skin looking good. I know, i know vanity again!!!
I do try and drinks lots of water, rest as much as possible, as I don't want to turn up on holiday looking like I needed one months ago!!

I was asked to try two products for Seven Seas called Femibion. These are specifically designed for women's health and both target the needs I outlined above.

So guess which ones I tried first, the most pressing??? Energy levels?? ....nope, I went for vanity, my skin.

It is called Femibion Radiance. A range of vitamins for good health, with Zinc, Niacin and Vitamin C. As well as the usual vitamins and minerals, the Radiance version also contains grapeseed and linseed oils, now my interest was full on as I know the skin and hair benefits of linseed oil, known to help even with sunburn and the benefits showing in a few days. I am miles happier to take in tablet form, these would be 1 capsule a day.

They are a food supplement and so easy to take for me as I tend to forget to take vitamins normally, but I have these next to the cereal and have been taking each day regularly. 

I am at day 17 and have a definite glow to my skin, I can't say radiant yet, but I look more revitalised as if I have had good sleep and water, all the things that usually lapse with me. I say "can't say radiant" as I have had a back complaint and this has cut into my sleep the last few nights only, but enough to make me tired.
However I don't overly look haggard and exhausted, instead my skin seems smooth, soft plumper, I believe this is definitely due to the Femibion radiance tablets.

I am keen to take the Femibion Energetic Mum after too, given that these sound as good. If they work as well, I will be zipping around and Paige and Conor won't be able to keep up with me.

Seven Seas Femibion "Energetic Mum" is the first multi-nutrient probiotic specifically formulated to provide nutritional support for busy mums.

The daily food supplement ensures mums' diet is at its best, and helps them to stay healthy and energised throughout busy days.

Independent research has shown that the specially selected probiotics helps support the body’s natural defense system while CoQ10 helps the body to release energy, keeping energy levels stable and helping mums to wake up feeling raring to go and ready to face the activities of the day!

I wanted to check the effects of each as a separate supplement so I could review properly.

So glad I took the Radiance first now, as by the time I am away, my hair and skin should be glowing and the holiday will just add to the effect! Oh and I do feel quite lively with them too.

Femibion are available to buy from Boots, Tesco and other pharmacies. 

For further information on any of the Femibion range please visit

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