Friday, 6 August 2010

Palmolive Nutra.Fruit shower crèmes - Luxury

Palmolive Nutra.fruit shower crèmes
I think my hot water bill may be rising at the moment, I received the new range from Palmolive and I couldn't wait to actually put them to the test.
Firstly I was taken with the colour and style of the packaging and its contents. A nicely shaped bottle. Swirls of colour indicating the fruit encased in a thick crème. They appealed to my other need which Chris thinks is odd, maybe you will too.

I like a bathroom product to look good, fit well with the decor in my bathroom, not be garish or indeed pale and uninteresting, sort of like me I like to think!!!

I looked at them all, mandarin, kiwi and pomegranate and knew if I was lucky these would be great just for the scent alone, I love citrus the most, any type, eating , bathing, perfume. So for the mandarin I was hoping for great things and would be my first shower.

Before I lead you into the steamy paradise I also like that this is a moisturising crème.

I grew up with Palmolive in the bathroom, and recall watching the Palmolive soap ads that always promised soft skin, creamy and moisturising. One called called Cleopatra that intimated perfect creamy skin of an Egyptian ruler, so Palmolive for me has to be living up to its soap history.

This is also what Palmolive have to say:

Add a bit of luxury to your bathroom routine with Palmolive Nutra.Fruit shower crèmes. Palmolive Nutra.Fruit are a new and uniquely appetising collection of indulgent shower crèmes, enriched with moisturising cream and swirled with deliciously tempting fruit extracts. The range is available in three tantalising variants:

Exquisite kiwi to refresh and revitalise
Zesty mandarin to energise and rejuvenate
Exotic pomegranate to pamper and nourish

Your skin will be enveloped in fresh fruit fragrances and left feeling soft and radiant; an indulgent shower experience that’s so pleasurable you’ll want to repeat it again and again.

Well the mandarin was gorgeous Palmolive have it exactly right as far as the natural fruit aroma is concerned, its as if you have peeled a mandarin. I could smell it straight away as I squeezed into my hands, the swirls of orange and crème looked luxurious, I spread over my legs first, the dry part of my body, It was definitely moisturising, I shaved and rinsed and my legs felt good. Finishing washing my only negative was that the mandarin could be a bit more stronger and zingy in fragrance, just more mandarin for me all round.

Next one to try was the Kiwi, loving the taste and aroma too of Kiwi, I was again looking forward to it. It was cool almost to the feel, fresh and still moisturizing and pampering. It also reminded me of cucumber almost, that summery fresh green experience! It again was a natural fragrance and fitted well in the range.

The Pomegranate I tried last, a gorgeous pinky red swirl. I was not sure I was going to like it scent wise , I love the actual fruit, drink a fair amount of it , I like the sweet taste although I am not overly fond of sweet beauty products, this one was heady, rich and fruity, again like the pomegranate.
It seemed the most luxurious in both the scent and feel on the skin, not sure why, but this one appeared to condition my skin the most.

Concerning the moisturising all three nourished my skin, I left my arms without my usual daily body lotion and they were good, soft and supple, my legs did still feel dry but as I said they do need a good body lotion. I only added moisturising lotion late on in the afternoon to my arms, so if you are in a rush or do not have particularly dry skin, it works well as a softening product.

So in conclusion, they look great in your bathroom, smell naturally fruity, moisturise as promised and make for a fab shower experience indeed!

The Palmolive Nutra.Fruit range is available from Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s

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  1. Great review Jo! Glad you enjoyed the products :) x