Thursday, 12 August 2010


I have been suffering with back ache for five days now, apart from backache when pregnant and after overdoing it in the garden, I have been blessed with no trouble at all before. I sympathise with people who complain of it, but never really felt their pain before today.

It started as mild ache on Sunday, by Monday I could hardly move without this immense sharp agonising pain coursing along my side and as its progressed into my spine, so I think its not sciatica.

I have read up advice and based on being a patient at a doctors that now don't see anybody for at least 2 weeks and vet all calls for people wanting to be seen by the on call Dr. This involves them ringing and asking symptoms and telling you to call back in a few days if its persisting. Very helpful...ummmm it wasn't.

So do I keep moving, rest it, pain relief just seems to be masking it for short spells. Any great tips out there from my fellow sufferers in arms (backs) for what is a common complaint and boy have I been complaining?

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