Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Shoes for me, courtesy of Sarenza and Retro Chick

I am in shoe heaven right now, I was the lucky winner of Retro Chick's and Sarenza's Win Free shoes competition.

She had to choose from the five finalists chosen by Sarenza after they looked at 184 entries!!

I wrote a poem and it took me a good while, I am rather pleased with it and more than pleased when I found out I had won. Also delighted to see it framed on the  RETRO CHICK website  she allowed me to post it here in its pretty frame that she so cleverly made.

She said

For making me laugh, services to poetry and unashamed sucking up, the £60 Sarenza shoe voucher goes to….

Jo Bryan of Given to Distracting Others!

I will have a great time choosing my new shoes and I will post a picture of them soon.

Just also wanted to point you to the Retro Chic Blog. Gemma has entertained, made me think (her clothes sizing post) yearn for years goneby, the clothes the smart dress (my idol being Audrey Hepburn),  picnics by the river and also showed innate dressingand true vintage style.
You will love her retro blog for its charm and fun!

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