Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Jackson Reece Flushable Wipes

I am so thrilled to be able to mention Jackson Reece wipes again, there is just nothing wrong with them and all that's good in a wipe. If you have any doubts read my natural wipes review of them here, http://giventodistractingothers.blogspot.com/2010/07/jackson-reece-natural-wipes.html

The lovely makers have now produced a flushable wipe, so for eco concious mums this is a handy essential. For years I felt that wipes were on the one hand, a lifesaver for cleaning up messes, but always had that little pang of guilt at the thought of adding to the landfill, so I moved between wipes and cloth and water. To be able to flush a wipe eco wise is far better.

So  to be asked to do a flushable wipes review is  timely  as I am off on hols and always stock up on wipes for travel. The wipes still come in a degradable pack of 10.

They are infused with their own unique natural balm, a balanced blend of certified organic Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera and the aromatherapy oil of Lavender.

99% of the ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extract including the preservative system.

The wipes also come in a degradable pack and are manufactured in the UK. The wipes are infused with their own unique natural balm, which is a balanced blend of certified organic Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera and the aromatherapy oil of Lavender.

approved and hypoallergenic.

My verdict, a nice handy size wipe, still with that lovely moist wetness, easy on a hot day in the car to freshen as well as clean up sticky hands. I use lots after a day on the beach, I love being on the sand but I do not like the sand on me. So for me the wetness is vital as it shifts grains of sand well.

Great to take to the ladies to clean your hands and hold the taps, doors etc after use.
Being smaller, they fit well into my handbag which though large enough for the bigger packs, (its a big handbag) makes it lighter to carry. I would like to see these in family sized packs, 10 is a little small for a family.

Oh and for the fried chicken lovers, though smaller they still outdo those gnat sized silly lemon wipes!!!!

Jackson Reece Natural Flushable wipes are available in selected Mothercare stores.


  1. I agree Jo! I was lucky enough to win some of these (the regular wipes and the flushables) and you are entirely right. They are fab. Perfect for bottom wiping when potty training :0) Just a shame they are not stocked everywhere.

    Sorry - TMI?

  2. No great info, they are also in sainsburys now too.