Monday, 9 August 2010

Oxo Y Peeler - Limited Edition for Christmas

I have  been trying out the new Y peeler from OXO.

Peeling spuds or veggies is not a loved task, its a chore. So I need the best peeler to make it easier.

OXO celebrates 20 years of universal design with the launch of a limited edition red Y peeler just in time for Christmas
that even Rudolph would be keen to get his hooves on.

Available in the UK for a limited period only, the new red Y peeler is a celebratory take on OXO’s best-selling UK product. With a blade almost as sharp as a samurai sword and a trademark soft-grip, non-slip handle, the fiery red Y peeler marks 20 years of universal design and two decades of innovation within the housewares industry.

Try it on potatoes or root vegetables to peel away a wafer thin layer of skin in an instant or challenge the strength of the blades to the tougher outer layer of tropical fruit such as mango or papaya. There’s no fear of strain from repetitive peeling when tackling mountains of parsnips and carrots on Christmas Day and you can update your kitchen utensil collection in an instant with a bold blast of colour and cheer.

Price: £5.50

The OXO story began back in 1990 when retired entrepreneur Sam Farber was on holiday in France with his wife Betsey. After witnessing his wife’s struggle with everyday kitchen gadgets due to a mild case of arthritis, he was inspired to develop a range of tools that were easy to use for the largest spectrum of people.

Working with a noted gerontologist and an old friend and colleague from Smart Design, Sam created a range of universally designed tools that were not only wonderfully comfortable and easy to use, but would transcend generations and change the face of housewares for good.

After hundreds of models, dozens of design iterations and extensive user-based research, OXO launched its first collection of 15 tools in the US. Since then the range has become a household name and has grown extensively from this original product line of 15 tools to now over 750 household gadgets, all of which offer a simple yet stylish solution to everyday tasks.

I can attest to the sharpness of the blade, I whizzed through my peeling today, Paige had a go and was so impressed she took over...result, thanks Oxo. She said it was the best peeler she has tried and wants to take it to school for her GCSE DT classes as it will halve peeling for her exams.

I love the red little wonder and Oxo have certainly added a little more festive cheer to the annual Christmas dinner peeling marathon.

Available in black only.

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