Thursday, 12 August 2010

Holts Tyreweld - The Spare Wheel in a Can.

Drivers do you need this?

 With more than 32 million cars on British roads and 28 percent of motorists having suffered a puncture or flat tyre in the last twelve months, this means the average motorist has a one in four chance of developing a puncture, I would say  that there possibly is a good chance.
Add to that the chance that you never got around to replacing the other flat tyre in the boot and or you can't actually change a tyre.

I say this as a woman who does know how to now, a road trip with a friend and a overheating  radiator, many service station stops, frazzled nerves because we were not sure what we were doing, jeering men. It was like a road to Damascus revelation, well St Albans that we both saw we could learn the basics!!

Often, it is too dangerous to change a tyre at the side of a road and recent research has revealed that 81 percent of women motorists are unable to change a tyre should the inevitable happen.

So this is where Holts Tyreweld becomes your friend,  it works by sealing and inflating punctured tyres instantly making it simple, quick and easy to use, putting the driver back on the road within minutes.

A must have for the boot of any vehicle, every road journey will be worry free as the emergency repair product lends a safe, quick option for a puncture repair when a full tyre change isn’t an option. 

With its unique automatic transfer valve, Holts Tyreweld enables the user to leave the product to work its magic, making it even safer to use. The water based latex formula will not damage the tyre and can be easily repaired at any of the 204 National Tyres and Autocare branches in the UK, which Tyreweld uses for its after sales service for added peace of mind, ensuring a hassle free permanent repair.

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I went to have a look at the Holts website for more info The info on the Holts website says their formula is 100% compatible with all tyres whether new or thing reading the testimonials make me confident that this is an invaluable addition to your boot.

Holt’s Tyreweld 400ml is priced at £8.99 and available from Halfords, Tesco, Asda and all good car care accessory outlets.

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  1. this product sounds great i wonder if it could be used on my other half's bmx tyres too