Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Christmas Goes Crackers with Waldo Pancake

Christmas is set to include a little more festive fun this year thanks to a new range of lifestyle accessories by Waldo Pancake. The brightly coloured products are emblazoned with quirky, ironic messages such as ‘Snappy slogan goes here’ and ‘Live. Believe. Worry a bit’. The eccentric range is full of great gifts for him, for her and for anyone that likes a good giggle – t’is the season to be jolly, after all!

Paige and I are the family stationary addicts.
One Christmas her Christmas wish list had five items on it.
Gel Pens
Card for making cards
Pencil Case

I had good fun shopping for her and she had great delight opening crafty kits, diaries, pen packs and obviously more prezzies than she asked for. She still adds stationary to her Christmas wish lists and I still love shopping for them and adding a new item or two to my office needs!

We love the more unusual items, funnier the better for me and as Paige gets older, so her sense of humour similar to mine is developing to like sarcasm and witty quotes.

So when Waldo Pancake sent me a small selection of their Christmas gifts we oohed and ahhed more than most maybe would.

These actually would make great 'back to school' gift ideas and also for fab teachers 'thank you' gifts.
I particularly love the notebook with "Caution: contents might be boring." In quality its very good a hardback journal type notebook with ample pages, Chris tried to pinch the book for his car notepad as he is on the road all day and constantly stopping to take a call and details for work.

The magnet made me snigger its may I say, refreshing in its wisdom "The perfect rubbish gift!" How many times do we end up with naff keyring souvenirs?

The prices are good also, starting at 85p for a pencil, the ones we were sent say "Rest behind ear then look for" and "You'll miss me when I'm gone," so true.

Store your Christmas treats in the tin inscribed with ‘Biscuits *unless eaten’ and don’t forget to use the ‘Service not included’ apron whilst baking. You can serve eggnog in the range of Waldo Pancake mugs that include phrases such as ‘Do ahh after every sip,’ ‘Tea. Coffee. Spider’ and ‘Upside down mug design.’ Plus, you can use your ‘Beach towel for a cat’ tea towel for any spillages.

Every girl needs a merry make-over for Christmas party season so don’t forget your Waldo Pancake compact mirror and make-up bag emblazoned with ‘Contents: my face’ – so true! You are going to need your beauty sleep after all those festive parties; The Waldo Pancake Eye Mask includes the phrase ‘Does my nose look big in this?’

The Waldo Pancake range contains all the stationery your secret-Santa could need, along with some funny lines to make you chuckle. The bright pink pencil case contains the phrase ‘Pencil case (use as v. small pillow)’ – we’ve all been there! The brightly coloured notebooks are guaranteed to liven up your Christmas thank you notes with a variety of snappy slogans such as ‘Stupid little notes’ and ‘To do or not to do.’ The colourful products also include rubbers, rulers, pens and pencils.


Seasonal snowfall may disrupt your Winter getaway but the Waldo Pancake travel accessories are sure to brighten up your journey. Travel products include several different styles of bag inscribed with such phrases as ‘Carrying stuff around is the new leaving it where it is’ and ‘I so don’t have enough stuff’.There are also passport holders and luggage tags adorned with ‘Are we nearly there yet?’

The Waldo Pancake range includes key rings, purses, badges and much, much more. The range is available from Really Good, a publisher of amusing cards, gifts and lifestyle products. The Waldo Pancake range is available from Prices start from £0.85 (pencil) to £19.99 (handbag).

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