Thursday, 15 July 2010

Jackson Reece Natural Wipes

I love wipes, my children needed them all the time when really small, sticky fingers and faces , I wont even describe the other end. Even now we all use baby wipes.They were and are still invaluable for any Mum, Dad or even fried chicken consumers!!!

I always had the problem that if my skin became dry  I resorted (on a long day out) using a flannel soaked in water and kept in a jiffy bag. More natural yes, but on a long day out not so convenient and certainly not as pleasant smelling as a pack of wipes!

My ideal wipe is a good size, I am a frugal girl at heart and would like to clean up in one wipe, so it must be a good length.

Strength next, I want it to be good and strong.

Now for the "wet" in the wipe, it has to be "wet" not dripping, but moist enough to cleanse and at the same time refresh, not sticky at all, as after all that's what I am trying to get rid of in the first place.

I don't want chemicals on my skin any more than necessary, certainly not for my children, we are bombarded by them every day and I like many mums now look for natural products hence the soggy flannel in the jiffy bag.

So to find a natural wipe is a great thing for myself and family was indeed a good find.

I bought a pack of Jackson Reece Natural Wipes they are very reasonably priced around £1.99 for 72 wipes.
First thing that grabbed me was the good thickness and size of the wipe. Its substantial great to share if just wanting to clean up before dinner. For a dirty task, its more than ample and doesn't tear.
I was impressed by the moistness of the wipe, perfect and still wet after several wipes of hands, faces and still enough to wipe up spilt food, bins etc. See told ya I was frugal!!!

I like the scent, aloe vera, tea tree and lavender and this leads me onto what they do, all these natural properties help protect skin, I have long snapped off pieces 0f my aloe vera plant for burns any skin irritation, sunburn, itchy skin etc, it has great healing properties.
Tea Tree oil is a great antiseptic and lavender is good for bites and is again an antiseptic. I forgot to mention this is what makes them smell so good.

Finally for all us recyclers and mean green planet lovers Jackson Reece wipes are bio-degradable as is the packaging too.

So whats not to love, they work, they heal, they smell good, they don't harm skin or earth so its a win win wet wipe.

Available from Salisbury's and Superdrug plus online stores, for more information please visit:

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  1. Hi Jo - great review - and they are available from Mothercare too...

    1. Thanks for the info on where to buy Jackson Reece wipes,

  2. Exactly why call it a wet wipe and its not wet enough. These are my favourites too.