Friday, 16 July 2010

Grand Marnier Grand Espirit

I just had to introduce you to one of my favourite alcoholic drinks for summer. Soon to be yours. A long cold glass of the best summer drink I have tried. The above picture has one with alcohol and two without for the teens. I will leave you to guess which one.

Think warm days , a lovely garden, or maybe a picnic blanket on the river
Think cognac not warming yourself by the fire on a cold night, oh no.

Really cool, refreshing, zesty and summery, strawberries and sunshine, have I grabbed you yet?

The elderflower so perfectly English, always reminds me of summers in the countryside, I refuse to think about the elederflower taking over my garden, no this is dreamtime.

I recommend Bottle Green elderflower cordial, there are many others of course.

Then gorgeous orange tones of the Grand Marnier and fresh wedges of orange. 

Strawberries,  where would summer be without the jewel in our soft fruits?

I first discovered this Grand Espirit cocktail at the BBC Good Food show, it was love at first sip and I visited the stand a few times that day ...hic!! 

I went home laden with the bottles of Grand Marnier and Bottle Green elderflower cordial and shared with friends, who loved it too, ever since its a regular at BBQ's and picnics. Do you need a refreshing drink for kids? Then just make minus the Grand Marnier, mine love it.

Thirsty yet, then here is the cute and easy summer drink recipe?


100 ml Grand Marnier
100 ml  Bottle Green elderflower cordial
Soda water to taste
Orange slices or wedges
Strawberries as required.


Slowly pour Grand Marnier and elderflower cordial over ice in a pitcher or large jug, even a punch bowl, topup with soda water, garnish with slices of orange and halved strawberries. easy to make, easy to enjoy.

Cheers to summer!

Fancy using Grand Marnier in a lush iced cake, check out this easy carrot cake recipe.

Another lovely summer drink recipe here

Elderflower image thanks to Shutterstock
Strawberries image thanks to Shutterstock


  1. Does sound good.

    The elderflowers growing here have been bashed by the constant rain. I wanted to pick some to make some recipes, as for cordial. Yes I agree the Bottle green is a good one to pick up.

  2. I've just found this - I think it could do with refreshing for 2012. Just my sort of drink, with my favourite flavours. Just need some sunshine to go with it :)