Monday, 22 September 2014

Win a “Grandma Rules” Kids Rule


I have teamed up with the lovely Sarah from Life in a Break Down and Lovestruck Interiors to bring you a fantastic giveaway. 

 Did you know that October 5th was Grandparents Day? A special day to celebrate those special people who give us those wonderful hugs, treat us to sweets and just shower us with love. Lovestuck Interiors are hoping this year to help one of you start a new tradition when it comes to visiting your Grandma - in the form of a beautiful Kids Rule - all ready to be hung at your Grandparents home. This white wash ruler, measuring over 6 feet tall and featuring the wording "Grandma Rules* is worth £135 and for one of you lucky people will be completely free! 


 These gorgeous rulers are made of solid wood which comes from FSC approved timber that comes from sustainable sources only and each piece features its own unique details as, as with every piece of wood no two look the same. Starting at just 6 inches these rulers start at just above most skirting board levels so can easily be placed in most homes and make a wonderful talking point as well as a way to keep track of how your child grows across the years. So why not start a new tradition with your child's Grandparents and add this "Grandma Rules" Kids Rule to their home and then keep track of your child as they grow.


 The best thing is all you need to do to be in with winning the beautiful solid wood ruler is just enter via any or all of the options on the rafflecopter below.

Fellowes AeraMax Air Fiter

So how are the hay fever and asthma sufferers doing, the warm weather is still about and the grass pollen still affecting lots of people?  45% of people said someone in their household suffers from airborne allergies. This problem effects almost half of the population

We are very happy to report an immense drop in symptoms thanks to the Fellowes AeraMax Filter I have been reviewing and some other good benefits that I was not told about. It has been endorsed with the Seal of Approval from Allergy UK for 

For Paige it has been the usual nightmare, she has been to see a consultant regarding her symptoms, the nosebleeds have been horrific and he recommended a nasal op to widen the passage, but we seem to feel more pollen may get up, haha.

We had got together some useful ways to keep her suffering to a minimum, minimum  read as we are not even curing it, just lessening to very bad from horrendous. 

Enter the AeraMax Filter from Fellowes, they told me that  I have had experience with dismal electrical pollen trappers that collected some but left greasy yellow stains on walls and surfaces where they were placed. I was a little apprehensive, my walls are cream, Paige's allergy far out weighs this though.

It arrived and was smaller than I imagined, think mini narrow radiator. Its a sleek modern looking appliance so for those who want it to fit in with a rooms decor it is pleasing to the eye. Another plus for me, being small its it is incredibly light in weight, as this filter is suitable for rooms of up to 18m²

OK it looks very technical but the instructions are literally a quarter of a page long. You remove the air filter from the bag, slot back into the machine,  turn on, the air filter senses the air quality and then if its polluted, its starts to filter the air.

The lights are blue for clean, amber denotes the air quality is poor and as we all suspect red for high levels of pollutants. Research shows that the air inside your home or office can contain up to five times more air pollution than the outdoors, therefore purifying the air can help reduce allergens and therefore hopefully help to manage allergy symptoms.

The Fellowes range use odour/gas sensors which are better for identifying the airborne pollutants that we can’t see ourselves. 
This can include various odours, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), gases, aerosols, fumes, outdoor airborne pollution and much more. 

The other type of sensor sometimes found in other brands of  air purifiers are optical, so they will detect larger particles and often need cleaning (at least every 3 months).

Four-stage purification system captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen and other allergens, dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke


The unit goes into auto mode when turned on, the blue auto logo flashing for  around 4-5 minutes. The flashing auto light means it is calibrating.
The lights are blue for clean, amber denotes the air quality is poor and as we all suspect red for high levels of pollutants.

So after 4 minutes, we had an amber light, denoting poor air quality, we suspected this, recent new windows, the pollen at the first time we tried was particularly high.

So we sat watching for a while, but there really is not much to see, the fan foes into action, which you can hear 

Red was only achieved when I have sprayed polish or Paige has used hairspray when it has been on.

The good thing about the AeraMax apart from the filtering is being so lightweight we can move from room to room. I know you may think Paige would have this permanently installed in her room, however she was in Estonia for a couple of weeks, so we got to use it in other rooms to improve air quality  I felt that would be a good benefit and I found some known and possibly unknown benefits.

Cooking smells are dealt with, we have been using the Philips Air Fryer to make food and used it to cook lamb, this when put to high for the last few minutes of cooking, really let off odour, a nice yummy odour mind you. The Aeramax kicked straight in and the cooking odours are gone a lot quicker.

I have noticed less dust, again in an old house, and over the last two years we have had work done, so dust has been a pain, I have noticed less especially on the bane of my life glass shelf under the TV and the TV itself.

But the biggest bestest, I know  sorry a bit silly however this is my excited sentence!!!

It lessens snoring!!!!!

We used it it in our bedroom, to start,I feel I am sleeping better, the air I can only describe it as cleaner, fresher. But Chris is not waking me up with loud snores, maybe its a pollen thing, but then he snores in winter? I only know its quieter, I get up in the night with Granny. I know he is quieter as that is usually when I get back to bed and cannot get back off as his snoring is too loud and I get very grumpy.

I was not expecting this benefit, I am not sure Fellowes would use this as a selling feature, I only know that when its been out of use, after two nights the snoring worsens, bring back the AeraMax.

I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with it, the fan on low is silent so sits in the background and we have found you can sleep with it running on the lowest setting if you do want to run it all night, for people who have real trouble breathing, its quiet enough to use.

I read up on some of the benefits for other allergy sufferers and the info seems relevant for those. I have in the past used a dust mite spray, Chris had bad eczema and asthma when we first met and when we set up home, I knew the dust mites were a factor, they are small enough but its their poop that does the damage according to the Environment Protection Agency!!!

 437 grains of dust in our home contain nearly 42,000 living dust mites – with each mite expelling 20 fecal pellets every day.


Each of the three machines in the AeraMax™ range features a True HEPA filter. This is an EU certified level of ‘High Efficiency Particulate Absorption’, which removes 99.97% of airborne impurities as small as 0.3microns.
That’s small enough to remove airborne particles including dust mites faeces (a common cause of allergies and poor health).
For us we have had a change. The air feels fresh, Chris is sleeping better, I am able to get back off if I do have to get up in the night.
Paige seems greatly better, I can only say that we hope to be looking forward to the start of spring and for maybe the first year in a while, she will be able to enjoy the new buds on the trees as a pretty sight, not with dread!

The Fellowes range of AeraMax™ air purifiers are available from Amazon from £149.99.

Disclosure. I was sent the Fellowes AeraMax D55 for the purpose of this review, I received no other incentive.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Win A ‘despicably delicious’ night in!!

Just say Minions to me and I go aww, I laugh and between a few friends it has become an obsession, now say Minions and Haribo.......... joy, bliss, happy smiley feelings all are conjured.

Well Haribo did say this and also mentioned a giveaway for my lovely readers.

I got so excited. You might even say I was a tad unprofessional with the Haribo PR lady. I told her I loved her,  I mentioned my husband had been on a search around my home city, looking for bags of them for me and they were sold out.  That  I had been sent a link and people were selling them on Ebay!

Now I think I felt less unprofessional, when it was disclosed that the Haribo team, have had to banish the poor Minions form sight in the office or they disappear too quickly.

But not before they whisked over a Despicably delicious hamper for me and have stashed  some for you.

If you have not seen the Haribo latest bags of yummminess well let me try to give you a tour. The Minions, from the Despicable Me franchise, have been busy completing their latest master plan and have taken over the famous HARIBO sweets factory to create brand new HARIBO Minions.

The cheeky, yet lovable characters have crafted four Minion shaped jelly and foam pieces, along with an additional purple Evil Minion piece, in strawberry, apple, raspberry, cherry and blueberry flavours. 

As always the sweet fruity flavours of Haribo tempt our taste buds as the packet is opened , lovely whole jelly shapes, some foam additions too. I did falter slightly, eating a minion is something that seems a little wrong, I mean those little yellow fellows are pretty darn cute, however, well, sorry, but its Haribo!!! 

Well I cannot call it a despicable night, cosied up on the sofa giggling at the film and nibbling these gorgeous sweets.

To celebrate the launch of HARIBO Minions they are offering GTDO followers, three prize packages. Included in each prize package are three packets of HARIBO Minions, each one featuring a selection of the iconic Minion characters from the movies, along with the Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 DVD box set.

As Jerry would say Whaaaaaaat, are you waiting for?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Freebie Friday 19th September

Happy Friday, I hope you all had a great week, thanks to the people through the week who have commented on the freebies they have received. As you know many are shortlived , so occasionally by the time  I post, they are already gone!! A few repeats this week I am afraid, for those who have not seen them it is worth repeating.

Did anybody get anything good, let me know?

I am adding a Jack Daniels registration this week, seems they only respond to males 18- 30 ish, my husband received Jack Daniel shaped ice cube bags this week and often gets freebies, but female friends have not, may be just a blip. However if you have a male feebie lover, try it for him. xx

If you see any I missed feel free to share with me and other visitors to the page.

Bloggers as always the visitors here need your giveaways, blog discounts and any freebies too.


Well this is the cool deal that keeps on giving, you may have seen this around but I have to mention it in case you have missed it. After a £1.49 outlay for a Ristorante Pizza Morrisons, each specially marked box has a coupon for £1.50 minimum, so free pizza right up until October 5th. Plus a chance to win £10.


Free Blood Pressure check at many Tesco stores and other places

Free Pint at Young's Pubs until 21st September

Free Algae Scrub pad for fish tanks

Free Willy Wonka Bookmarks (Printables)

Free Kindle Edition Assassins Apprentice Book 1 Robin Hobb

Lenor Unstoppables

Jack daniels (see above)

Purina One My Dog Is Sample (Ends 29/09)

Gilette Fusion Proglide Razor

Femfresh sample

Sun perks Readers Infinity drake free E book

Free Lotus Biscuit Biscoff Spread  (Try me Free)
Lotus want to pay for you to try the new spread, love it or loathe it, they will refund you. You will need a stamp and the receipt, the amount of times I forget this bit!!!  
It seems to be sold in mainly Sainsbury's and Waitrose check the store locations here   It will need to be a stickered jar of either the smooth or crunchy Biscoff.

Daily Mail Free Lego at WH Smith, Smyths and Eason stores 20th -27th September
Each day a new token for one Lego toy, so free 7 toys in all. paper costs 65p Weekdays and 90p weekends 
Lego worth £4 -£5

O2 Freebies and deals

Free GT-85 at Halfords
40 % off Body Shop
45% Cineworld Visits

Worth a Go As So Many

1,000,000+ prizes Cadbury bars, food vouchers etc.

Baby Brush Toothpaste sample

5,000 Santa Maria Fajita seasoning packs

Vichy Idealia Samples Chance to win more

1,000 Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Crisps

Two free Grand Designs Live tickets
Grand Designs LIVE Birmingham show in October. Use special discount code 'MAGFGDL'

3,000 Clairol 5 in 1 shampoo

20,000 Max Factor Foundation samples

75 Alva Hand Creams

Free Big Mac Download Mcdonald app on android or iphone Won't last long!!!

Code 263183187 - enter it into the App. 
First 50000 only!

Word FREE image made from cubes,  mosaic pattern thanks to Shutterstock 

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

Spotlight image thanks to Shutterstock

Free label image thanks to Shutterstock

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Celebrate the End-of-Summer in Style

Summer is drawing to a close and I can truly say it has been a good one, weather wise and for sitting out in the garden with a glass of wine, the odd barbecue with friends and just enjoying being outside. Hardys asked me if I would like to try two wines that would help me draw summer to a close. 

I have tried wines before here and I will not claim to be an expert, but I will give you my opinion and Chris who is the red wine 'armchair' expert.

I adore a dry sparkling wine, Champagne, Prosecco ,I have tried the Stamp Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay Hardy variety before. Its light, with a real good kick of citrus, readers who know my reviews and recipes, know I love the lemon, lime flavours of well many foods and drinks. I loved this as a summer wine, the fresh taste is very refreshing, sitting in the garden it was possibly a bit too good as I forgot to take a photo.

This wine is a good one to try for a curious fizzy smooth taste, followed by good medium dry taste as you finish. This may sound strange but if you like lime or lemon curd and wine you would like this.
Hardys recommend summer salads and salmon blinis, I recommend you get a bottle if you love a sparkling wine that is a great alternative to champagne and half the cost.

The Hardys Shiraz as Chris says, has been down in a cellar for a few years and so before the final journey deserves a breather. He is becoming more eloquent with his opinions on my reviews or maybe it was the first glass of this red offering that loosened his tongue! The aroma before drinking is really pungent Chris explained to me, really full and strong.

He described it as a not too rich, full bodied wine, meaty and oaky. Flavours he picked up were chocolate, plum, minty flavours and spice and he said almost blueberry, all quite sweet yet savoury as well. See below for the tasting notes from Hardy, I think we all get a different taste when we drink wine.

Hardys suggest a good warming casserole and Chris would too, I recommend if any gets left, use it in the next stew, its fabulous in a slow roasted lamb dish.

Hardys have given you some tips for hosting a get together for any more warm nights out in the garden, I love the frozen fruit tip.

Whether you’re laying on a BBQ or an evening of drinks with friends, we’ve got tips for being the host with the most.

1.       For alfresco entertaining in the garden with friends, complement the fading summer evenings with tea lights in jam jars for a lovely fairy light effect and add to the atmosphere with your favourite summer soundtrack – charming and festive!

2.       On the last of the warm evenings your guests will be happy with bite size appetisers: why not whip up some fancy smoked salmon canapés? Keep it simple and serve on blinis with crème fraiche and pair with a delicious glass of Hardys Stamp Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay. This medium-bodied wine delivers fresh lime with hints of nectarine and apricot, leaving you with a fresh, zingy finish.

3.       Freeze summer berries to use in place of ice cubes - not only will the berries keep your wine chilled, but they won’t dilute it like ice cubes, adding a delicious taste and a fun pop of colour!
4.       For a relaxed night in front of the TV, try Hardys Stamp Shiraz Rosé, each glass is packed full of strawberry and raspberry fruit flavours complemented by a crisp, refreshing finish and pairs well with light cheeses such as brie and camembert.

5.       Throwing a BBQ?  Homemade burgers are an easy win with your guests and go down a treat with a glass of Hardys William Hardy Shiraz.  This full bodied wine displays rich plum and mulberry fruit flavours complemented by dark chocolate, vanilla and spice, with a soft, rounded palate and a long, savoury finish. 

The ‘Stamp Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay’ (RRP £9.49) Asda. A medium-bodied wine, with fresh lime and sweet stone fruit flavours, a hint of yeast and a fresh, zingy finish. It is a deliciously light and refreshing wine. Best serve well chilled (42-52 °F or 6-11 °C).

The ‘William Hardy Shiraz’ (£9.99) Ocado & Tesco. Displays rich plum and mulberry fruit flavours complemented by dark chocolate, vanilla and spice, with a soft, rounded palate and a long, savoury finish. This wine matches perfectly with any roast meats or specifically a deliciously warming traditional lamb hotpot. It is a dry and full bodied wine. Best served at (50-65 °F or 10-18 °C).

I received the two Hardys wines for the purpose of this review, no other payment was received.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Lenor Unstoppables Giveaway

I have been hearing lots about the new Lenor Unstoppables. Word of Mouth can do wonders for a new product, so when Lenor asked me to review the new revolution in laundry products, I agreed.

Maybe in this case the Power of Smell did more for the Unstoppables.
My postie arrived at the door and handed over my mail. He said you have to tell me tomorrow, whats in that parcel pointing to a large white packet.

The fragrance coming through the paper was lovely aroma. he said, " I was worried something was leaking in the van, however the envelope is dry as a bone, it smells lovely!"

I went inside and opened the packet and the fragrance was even more intense. 

They are described by Lenor  as the latest breakthrough fabric care innovation from Lenor, Unstoppables are an in-wash scent booster, made from pure perfume in bead format and offering nine times more perfume ingredient than the Lenor Classic range.
 Lenor Unstoppables is an in-wash scent booster which provides up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness. There are three frgrances to choose.


Marine character consisting of a watery blend of soapy elements, minerals and lily with sparkling oceanic top green notes.


An exotic cocktail of red berries and cherry blended well with a bouquet of white jasmine flowers and powdery sweet peachy back notes


Luxurious fine fragrance inspired perfume delivering an overall rich creamy and gourmand blend of peach notes and red roses.

You just add them to the drum at the start of the wash so that they can infuse your clothes with their lovely fragrance as you wash. 

To look at they remind me so much of the Millions sweets, this was mentioned by a few visitors and family when I have showed them, so I would advise those with children to keep them out of reach.

I had a washing load to get under way. The instructions are simple: 1. Throw the scent beads directly into the washing drum. 2. Add your laundry detergent. 3. Add your fabric conditioner for softness. I love marine type fragrance so that was my first trial. I did just throw in half the amount shown in the cap (picture above.) I wanted to see how little I could use, being a bit of a spendthrift. 

After the washing was done, I could smell the fragrance, but it was not as intense as I would want. I have since used just over half a cap and that works well, I have not been using for 12 weeks yet, but so far the fragrance remains.

After three weeks,the towels and sheets in the airing cupboard smell fab,in fact using them in the wash actually perfumes the whole of the downstairs. 

They are quite pricey at £5, however I have seen them sold in Wilkos for £2.50 which for me is a very good price, I am not sure £5 will encourage me to purchase but as a treat for bedding, I possibly would. If they work for the 12 weeks they are going to be of more value.

One more thing I have to tell you, you can actually mix and match the little beads of perfume,  it makes them a bit more unusual. Sounds daft but I feel like a perfumier, blending my own signature blends haha.  

Lavish and Bliss work particularly well for my nose. Chris says it is too 'pink so I use it for Paige and I. He likes Marine. 

 Being able to play with the scent, will be interesting. I find certain washing fragrance disappears from my awareness after continued use, so this may meet the needs for those who love a whole lot of fragrance. 

I am overall impressed with these rather novel little beads of perfume. The postman next morning, wanted more info, gosh he is nosy! He  seemed intrigued and said his wife would love them.

What do you think? Do you fancy any of the fragrances, would you mix and match?

For three of you you get the chance to try the full UnStoppable range as Lenor have offered me three sets to giveaway. Ends 11.59 pm 15th October

*I was provided with the Lenor Unstoppable range in order to carry out this review.

Family Fever

Friday, 12 September 2014

Freebie Friday 12th September

Freebie Friday is open again, I am hoping I have found some new ones you have not seen. A mixed bag this week, I am tempting you with freebie chocolate and sending you on a guilt trip and claiming healthy freebies. Plus how to save a life for free, possibly 'THE' most valuable freebie you will ever find.

Some good trial offers, remember to cancel any you take out unless you love them. The Google Play subscription sounds fab. Lots of music, 25 million free tracks if you take this out.

Talking of subscriptions I received the free YouBeauty Discovery Box, did any of you get one. Possibly one of the nicest freebies recently. Again I can now cancel the subscription, don't forget if you ordered and are not impressed. I am actually quite impressed. For £6.95 a large Toni and Guy Hair plumping whip, a powder puff, tea a no foundation, foundation mini from Perricone MD and a Mavala Quick dry varnish coat.

What did you get last week, I would love to know its working for more than just a few who mention it her and on the FB page?

This would not be so good without your giveaways, a chance for people to win free things has to be one of the best parts and the vital part of the of this weekly freebie jigsaw!!.

Please add the giveaways, well so we all get to enter.


This week it is on the Money back offers, one requires you to not really rate the product, one is just because they want to give you the product for free.
Heinz Mayo (Tesco purchase)
Entries must be received no later than last post on 28th February 2015
All entries must be accompanied by a valid proof of purchase

• Heinz Mayonnaise Top Down 420g
• Heinz Light Mayonnaise Top Down 445g
• Heinz Mayonnaise Bottle 550g
• Heinz Mayonnaise Light Bottle 580g
• Heinz Mayonnaise Handy Pack 270g
• Heinz Light Mayonnaise Handy Pack 285g
7. Simply send your name, address and contact phone number together with a valid Tesco till receipt showing your purchase (clearly marked) to: Mayonnaise Money Back Guarantee, Freepost LE6004 Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7BR. Closing date for receipt of claims is: 28/02/2015. Offer available in the UK only, excludes ROI.
Free Lotus Biscuit Biscoff Spread  

If you love the Lotus biscuits you will love this spread!! Lotus want to pay for you to try the new spread, love it or loathe it, they will refund you. You will need a stamp and the receipt, the amount of times I forget this bit!!!  
It seems to be sold in mainly Sainsbury's and Waitrose check the store locations here   It will need to be a stickered jar of either the smooth or crunchy Biscoff.


Perfect Balance Bar several flavours to choose.

Free 60 day Trial of Google Play Music
Please note that you must have a Google account and a valid form of payment to redeem, but you won't be charged for anything unless you continue to use the service past the 60-day trial period.

5 week free reading and literacy course for your child Reading Eggs

Free 10 Days Bare Minerals Foundation at Boots and other stores (New offer)

St Johns Ambulance Free Session on Life Saving September only
Watch a first aid demonstration and learn the skills needed to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.
Demonstrations will be taking place throughout the day with no booking required.

Asda Free Folic acid to expectant mums or anyone who’s trying to conceive 
Find out more: Offer ends 15th September.

Free Nakd Bar (need a printer)

Free U2 Album (new)on itunes

Free Aveda, shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitaliser at stores
Check link for nearest store

 Free Kit Kat Chunky Caramel bars at their (KeyStore shops Voucher for store)

Free Champagne Truffles Hotel Chocolat (Instore)
Locations here

Tesco 25 free Clubcard points or 50p off Coke

Go Motorsport Live Tickets
Snetterton Circuit, Sunday 19th October 2014
FREE ADMISSION to Pre-Registered Ticket Holders*

Free Huggies Pull Ups

One for the fitness fanatics On Twitter  
Email your address to to get a FREE SAMPLE of our Optimum Whey protein

O2 Freebies and Deals

Free Collins dictionary at WH Smith Last day!!! (12/09)
45% off Cineworld Tickets except Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Free 12 coloured pencils at WH Smiths
£15 off £30 send at Body Shop

Worth a Go as So Many

First 45,000 get 2 Vichy Samples but chance to win more and goody bags

10,000 Trex Calendars with money off coupons and recipes

 Sun Perks readers only
7,500 Moshi Goody Bags 
Free 1 day gym pass
Personalised Photo Mug for £1

1,000, 000 Cadbury bars and much more (Daily)

500 Nutella Keyrings

Word FREE image made from cubes,  mosaic pattern thanks to Shutterstock 

Shopping in supermarket. Shopping trolley image thanks to Shutterstock

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

Spotlight image thanks to Shutterstock

Free label image thanks to Shutterstock


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