Monday, 15 September 2014

Lenor Unstoppables Giveaway

I have been hearing lots about the new Lenor Unstoppables. Word of Mouth can do wonders for a new product, so when Lenor asked me to review the new revolution in laundry products, I agreed.

Maybe in this case the Power of Smell did more for the Unstoppables.
My postie arrived at the door and handed over my mail. He said you have to tell me tomorrow, whats in that parcel pointing to a large white packet.

The fragrance coming through the paper was lovely aroma. he said, " I was worried something was leaking in the van, however the envelope is dry as a bone, it smells lovely!"

I went inside and opened the packet and the fragrance was even more intense. 

They are described by Lenor  as the latest breakthrough fabric care innovation from Lenor, Unstoppables are an in-wash scent booster, made from pure perfume in bead format and offering nine times more perfume ingredient than the Lenor Classic range.
 Lenor Unstoppables is an in-wash scent booster which provides up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness. There are three frgrances to choose.


Marine character consisting of a watery blend of soapy elements, minerals and lily with sparkling oceanic top green notes.


An exotic cocktail of red berries and cherry blended well with a bouquet of white jasmine flowers and powdery sweet peachy back notes


Luxurious fine fragrance inspired perfume delivering an overall rich creamy and gourmand blend of peach notes and red roses.

You just add them to the drum at the start of the wash so that they can infuse your clothes with their lovely fragrance as you wash. 

To look at they remind me so much of the Millions sweets, this was mentioned by a few visitors and family when I have showed them, so I would advise those with children to keep them out of reach.

I had a washing load to get under way. The instructions are simple: 1. Throw the scent beads directly into the washing drum. 2. Add your laundry detergent. 3. Add your fabric conditioner for softness. I love marine type fragrance so that was my first trial. I did just throw in half the amount shown in the cap (picture above.) I wanted to see how little I could use, being a bit of a spendthrift. 

After the washing was done, I could smell the fragrance, but it was not as intense as I would want. I have since used just over half a cap and that works well, I have not been using for 12 weeks yet, but so far the fragrance remains.

After three weeks,the towels and sheets in the airing cupboard smell fab,in fact using them in the wash actually perfumes the whole of the downstairs. 

They are quite pricey at £5, however I have seen them sold in Wilkos for £2.50 which for me is a very good price, I am not sure £5 will encourage me to purchase but as a treat for bedding, I possibly would. If they work for the 12 weeks they are going to be of more value.

One more thing I have to tell you, you can actually mix and match the little beads of perfume,  it makes them a bit more unusual. Sounds daft but I feel like a perfumier, blending my own signature blends haha.  

Lavish and Bliss work particularly well for my nose. Chris says it is too 'pink so I use it for Paige and I. He likes Marine. 

 Being able to play with the scent, will be interesting. I find certain washing fragrance disappears from my awareness after continued use, so this may meet the needs for those who love a whole lot of fragrance. 

I am overall impressed with these rather novel little beads of perfume. The postman next morning, wanted more info, gosh he is nosy! He  seemed intrigued and said his wife would love them.

What do you think? Do you fancy any of the fragrances, would you mix and match?

For three of you you get the chance to try the full UnStoppable range as Lenor have offered me three sets to giveaway. Ends 11.59 pm 15th October

*I was provided with the Lenor Unstoppable range in order to carry out this review.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Freebie Friday 12th September

Freebie Friday is open again, I am hoping I have found some new ones you have not seen. A mixed bag this week, I am tempting you with freebie chocolate and sending you on a guilt trip and claiming healthy freebies. Plus how to save a life for free, possibly 'THE' most valuable freebie you will ever find.

Some good trial offers, remember to cancel any you take out unless you love them. The Google Play subscription sounds fab. Lots of music, 25 million free tracks if you take this out.

Talking of subscriptions I received the free YouBeauty Discovery Box, did any of you get one. Possibly one of the nicest freebies recently. Again I can now cancel the subscription, don't forget if you ordered and are not impressed. I am actually quite impressed. For £6.95 a large Toni and Guy Hair plumping whip, a powder puff, tea a no foundation, foundation mini from Perricone MD and a Mavala Quick dry varnish coat.

What did you get last week, I would love to know its working for more than just a few who mention it her and on the FB page?

This would not be so good without your giveaways, a chance for people to win free things has to be one of the best parts and the vital part of the of this weekly freebie jigsaw!!.

Please add the giveaways, well so we all get to enter.


This week it is on the Money back offers, one requires you to not really rate the product, one is just because they want to give you the product for free.
Heinz Mayo (Tesco purchase)
Entries must be received no later than last post on 28th February 2015
All entries must be accompanied by a valid proof of purchase

• Heinz Mayonnaise Top Down 420g
• Heinz Light Mayonnaise Top Down 445g
• Heinz Mayonnaise Bottle 550g
• Heinz Mayonnaise Light Bottle 580g
• Heinz Mayonnaise Handy Pack 270g
• Heinz Light Mayonnaise Handy Pack 285g
7. Simply send your name, address and contact phone number together with a valid Tesco till receipt showing your purchase (clearly marked) to: Mayonnaise Money Back Guarantee, Freepost LE6004 Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7BR. Closing date for receipt of claims is: 28/02/2015. Offer available in the UK only, excludes ROI.
Free Lotus Biscuit Biscoff Spread  

If you love the Lotus biscuits you will love this spread!! Lotus want to pay for you to try the new spread, love it or loathe it, they will refund you. You will need a stamp and the receipt, the amount of times I forget this bit!!!  
It seems to be sold in mainly Sainsbury's and Waitrose check the store locations here   It will need to be a stickered jar of either the smooth or crunchy Biscoff.


Perfect Balance Bar several flavours to choose.

Free 60 day Trial of Google Play Music
Please note that you must have a Google account and a valid form of payment to redeem, but you won't be charged for anything unless you continue to use the service past the 60-day trial period.

5 week free reading and literacy course for your child Reading Eggs

Free 10 Days Bare Minerals Foundation at Boots and other stores (New offer)

St Johns Ambulance Free Session on Life Saving September only
Watch a first aid demonstration and learn the skills needed to be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.
Demonstrations will be taking place throughout the day with no booking required.

Asda Free Folic acid to expectant mums or anyone who’s trying to conceive 
Find out more: Offer ends 15th September.

Free Nakd Bar (need a printer)

Free U2 Album (new)on itunes

Free Aveda, shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitaliser at stores
Check link for nearest store

 Free Kit Kat Chunky Caramel bars at their (KeyStore shops Voucher for store)

Free Champagne Truffles Hotel Chocolat (Instore)
Locations here

Tesco 25 free Clubcard points or 50p off Coke

Go Motorsport Live Tickets
Snetterton Circuit, Sunday 19th October 2014
FREE ADMISSION to Pre-Registered Ticket Holders*

Free Huggies Pull Ups

One for the fitness fanatics On Twitter  
Email your address to to get a FREE SAMPLE of our Optimum Whey protein

O2 Freebies and Deals

Free Collins dictionary at WH Smith Last day!!! (12/09)
45% off Cineworld Tickets except Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Free 12 coloured pencils at WH Smiths
£15 off £30 send at Body Shop

Worth a Go as So Many

First 45,000 get 2 Vichy Samples but chance to win more and goody bags

10,000 Trex Calendars with money off coupons and recipes

 Sun Perks readers only
7,500 Moshi Goody Bags 
Free 1 day gym pass
Personalised Photo Mug for £1

1,000, 000 Cadbury bars and much more (Daily)

500 Nutella Keyrings

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Shopping in supermarket. Shopping trolley image thanks to Shutterstock

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb Air Fryer

So you bought a Philips Air Fryer and so far you have been making chips, (if you have and you are one of those not impressed you could be using the wrong potatoes see my tips here

I know I am speaking to a good few here who have just made chips and love it but want to do cook so much more. My friends on Facebook have been messaging me and commenting as much on my status about my success with cakes and other goodies!t to do more.

If you have put the fryer in the cupboard and cannot be bothered to get it out when its quicker to make oven chips, maybe you will want to haul it out again as I am going to be tempting you with goodies you can make easily. 

It grills, air fries, roasts and bakes, so it should be to hand at all times, you can make tarts, cheesecakes, gorgeous nibbles and main meals. The only downside, is I really would like two as I could do a full meal in it. Haha!!

Last week we scored a lovely bargain in Morrison's, one of those great timely walks by the butchery counter as a rack of lamb was being reduced. We got one enough for three people for £3!! 

There was a recipe in the Philips Air Fryer book for a macadamia crusted lamb, but I as you know often tweak recipes.

Now there was a bit of a debate in the Bryan household about whether to risk a lovely joint of meat in the Air Fryer, I won the debate as we had paid so little it was the ideal time to try and I am so so glad I did win.

The meat was perfectly cooked, tender, succulent  a lovely crunchy herbed crust made with  fresh herbs from the garden, turned the lamb into a fabulous meal.

The Air Fryer was perfect to use, no oil, just meat and topping. So relatively healthy when trimmed of the fat. Slimming World users can eat a Rack of Lamb, Herby potatoes and green vegetables meal and enjoy doing so syn free.

I will be cooking  lamb cutlets in it made the same way so if you do not spot a bargain rack, try the recipe with chops!! 

It has totally upped my confidence in trying steak in the Philips too.

The air fryer did smoke a little during cooking as in the air filter not as in the machine burning , a small reduction in the temperature and it stopped immediately.


1 garlic clove

1 tbsp Extra Virgin olive oil

800 g rack of lamb


1 tbsp wholemeal bread breadcrumbs 

1 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary

1 tbsp of fresh thyme

1 egg


  1. Finely chop the garlic. Mix the olive oil and garlic to make garlic oil.
  2.  Brush the rack of lamb of chops with the oil and season with pepper.
  3. Preheat the Air fryer to 100°C.
  4. Finely chop the herbs and place them into a bowl. Stir in the breadcrumbs Whisk the egg in another bowl.
  5. To coat the lamb, dip the meat into the egg mixture, draining off any excess. Coat the lamb with the herb crust, patting it into the meat. .
  6. Put the coated lamb rack in the  Air fryer basket  Set the timer for 25 minutes. 
  7. After 25 minutes, increase the temperature to 200°C and set the timer for another 2 -5 minutes. 
  8. Remove the meat and leave to rest, covered with aluminium foil, for 10 minutes before serving.
Next up, lunch time pizza and still have the cakes that should have gone horribly wrong as missing vital ingredients.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Philips Air Fryer Review

I am superbly happy today, I received the Philips  Avance XL Air Fryer. If you remember I recently hosted a competition for the Philips Great Big Little Thank You campaign still running here.

I started off happy as I love a new kitchen gadget and after drooling over the Air Fryer, being content with my Tefal Actifry, I decided I may not really need another appliance. However I had heard enough to know that the difference between the two was that a) the Philips cooks with air and b) it possibly did a whole lot more than chips, roasties and curry. 

What has made me superbly happy is it certainly does a whole lot more.  I have recently been playing with my new toy and have made chips of course, which I will show here first, but also a herb crusted rack of lamb and cakes. Yes cakes!!!

OK for the technology and facts for those that are interested and in my own words so if I waffle sorry, I am just so excited. 

The Philips Air Fryer cooks with up to 80% less fat, so for home cooked chips with a tablespoon of oil, I used Extra Virgin olive oil so even healthier. 

If you are one of my lovely SW readers this beats the Actifry hands down, you can make Slimming World chips using the Philips Air Fryer and use Extra Virgin Oil which you will hopefully know is a Healthy Extra B choice!! So for chips, wedges, roast potatoes it can be used easily for weight loss as well as people just wanting to adopt a healthier eating style!

The word fryer, really is not giving this machine its full title, it roasts, grills and bakes.

How does this air frying work,  Philips have created a unique Rapid Air Technology enabling you to fry with air (it sounds so magical but I presume that similarly the oven is hot air, but this rises from underneath and hits the basket.  I have discovered the food  is quite crunchy, great for chips and with my usual cake recipe it is still a nice texture. 

It cooks quickly, it heats up really fast and chips I discovered are super fast, I am used to chips taking longer with the Actifry, this is way faster about 16 for thin cut, as opposed to 24-28 minutes.

What do you get and how to make chips!

 The air fryer is suprisingly slimmer than I am used to, it sits happily at the back of the counter, it would be large to store, but when you can cook lots of goodies, why keep lugging it in and out. It is going to grill chops, fish, make pies, cakes and chips that are healthier than mashed potatoes with milk.
The plug and cord fit nicely in the back, Philips get extra brownie points for this, I hate leads that hang about getting in the way. In my ideal world it would be a tad longer.

The basket and tray all fit into the dishwasher, heavenly words for the busy cook!!

So onto crispy, fluffy and soft in the middle chips. You know you love them, you know they are usually bad for you, well you can eat these lots of times!!

 I have seen a few comments about soggy chips and not tasting right,  like my previous review for the Actifry, similar rules apply. 

If you want good chips you need the right potato. 

In my vast and long trials with different varieties only one really works and another at a  real push. Its the Maris Piper, renowned for good deep fried chips. The push is a King Edwards but I implore you stick to the Maris, you will thank me.

Now because you are not deep frying or par boiling you need to get rid of the starch. Previously I was rinsing chips in water four times, the recipe in the Philips manual recommends just soaking for 30 minutes. I tried this and I am happy to say it works. I know they said faster but hey you are getting healthy chips, you can peel a few extra and tuck in feeling smug!

So once you have your chips peeled or not, chipped and soaked, you need to dry them and coat in a tablespoon of oil. Meanwhile set the temperature onto 160 degrees and when ready it pings at you.

Lay the chips into the basket and shut the drawer, set the timer for 8 minutes, the approximate cooking time being 16 minutes, these thinner chips I only cooked for an extra five minutes, the ping sounds to let you know.

Its time to shake the chips and then cook for the other part of the time allowed.

Then open and serve.

They are delicious, fast and healthier than ordinary chips. 

I am  so very impressed with the Air Fryer, it looks cool, it cooks well and it is so much more than a chip fryer!!

Stay tuned for my Air Fryer Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb and the cakes that should have been disastrous as I left out two ingredients but the Air Fryer made them well.

Family Fever

Friday, 5 September 2014

Freebie Friday 5th September

Hi Freebie Fridayers, I am off on a little break so the post is not so full. I hope to come back  this weekend and add to it, so do pop back and check.

If you have seen any and add them in comments that would be lovely.

Spot the big Cadbury promo in 'Worth A Go' chance to win some lovely prizes. You can enter twice a day too.

Bloggers, please fill up my linky with your prizes!! A big thank you to those that do so regularly!!


Free days out with Open Heritage 11- 14 September

Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s fantastic architecture and culture by offering free access to places that are usually closed to the public or normally charge for admission.
Every year on four days in September, buildings of every age, style and function throw open their doors. It is a once-a-year chance to discover architectural treasures and enjoy a wide range of tours, events and activities that bring local history and culture to life.
From castles to city halls, tunnels to tower tops, police cells to private homes, workshops to woodland walks, the variety of places and ways to discover them are endless.  My Tip - Look at the printable lists for ease of what is on in the area you would like to go


Free YouBeauty Box (You need to cancel  before the 1st Oct, if you only want the trial one, easy to do!)
Use code ybd342
After sign up page you need to pick two free samples two!!

Sun Perks Free E book Download 'Birthdays of the Dead' 
Free bestselling Crime Thriller by Stuart Macbride
Nivea Soft Sample

Poly Bag Samples (Choose your own product)

Free Dewalt Lunch Box when you order the Screwfix Catalogue until 14th September
Pick Up lunch box at nearest Screwfix store

Escada Joyful 30ml  (choose Great Britain)

1 litre Parazone Plus (need neck tag and receipt) 

WH Smith Free E- books (Jackie Collins, Martina Cole, Jenny Colgan, Deen Koontz and 100's more)

Free Benefit They're Real Liner take your old liquid eyeliner and swap for new. 
Out with the old, in with the new. Available at all Benefit Boots counters.

O2 Freebies and Deals

Free £10 to spend at the Fragrance Shop No Minimum Spend
£1 Lunch Dominos
Free Cafe nero Hot Drink (Tuesdays)
Free Collins Dictionary at WH Smith

Worth a Go as So many

3, 000 Rimmel Mascaras First to fill survey or until 28th September

10,000 Trex Calendars with money off coupons and recipes

3,000 Clairol 5In1 samples

 1,010,505 Prizes 
Including  1, 000,000 free bar of Cadbury's Chocolate
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Shopping in supermarket. Shopping trolley image thanks to Shutterstock

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

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