Friday, 27 March 2015

Easter at Asda

With the long weekend break, Easter is a chance for everyone in the family to get together for a catch up over a delicious meal, a glass of something bubbly and of course indulge in plenty of yummy chocolate Easter eggs. 

To help plan this Asda have put together lots of ideas to make your Easter fun, tasty and entertaining for all members of the family

Their Easter Egg selection is vast, as well as the usuall brands and family favourites, they also have a range
of Asda Extra Special Luxury Milk Chocolate Eggs and sent me one for Easter.

I was sent a Bejewelled Extra Special egg, created with Leiths School of Food and Wine, it certainly looks luxurious. The egg is made with dark and milk chocolate.
It is hand decorated  with luxurious fudge, honeycomb, wrapped in chocolate, sprayed with a purple lustre.  

It looks like luxury but at £6, it won’t break the bank

There are some gorgeous accessories at Asda this Easter, the usual Easter bunny hunt accessories, great value tableware to co-ordinate your Easter table and some mouthwatering cakes and foods.

Freebie Friday 27th March

Hello again, the week comes round so quickly, the freebies take most of the week to find, more time on the the money off coupons to try and find the combination to make it a freebie.

Thanks to all the lovely bloggers who keep adding their giveaways, I know from feedback its becoming a nice weekly treat to stop by.

Thanks as always to the readers who stop by to enter a comp, grab a freebie or make use of the money off section.

They are really taking off and I have spent a good few hours comparing store prices to get a really good deal and for a few free or a few pence.
For the Mums this week some Johnson baby freebies below.
Extreme couponning is good but for the ease of the freebie at the click of a button, I still love those the best!

Actual just freebies the Kinder Egg storybook is a fab one, everybody can get the free downloaded version, it makes a nice little personalised treat for the little ones.

See you all next week.


This week I am spotlighting how to get a two course meal for four for £2.92 or £1.92 if weight watching, minus the roll!

Yes 73p a head, dine alone for £1.48 with leftovers and also extremely healthy depending on your picks.
Soup for free with the ongoing Covent garden soup, this week Asda has all the varieties at a £1
With the money off voucher its free. Choose from Soup of the month, vegetable, Skinny vegetable, Chicken, butter and pepper and many more.
You will need a roll maybe at £1 a pack for Warburtons Newburn Bakehouse with the coupon.

Follow this course with a Weight Watchers meal for 48p also on offer at Asda, choose from Chilli Con Carne, Chicken curry or Chicken hotpot 

You could even make this a three course with a pot of Boursin for 17p and some 


For Bloggers and Vloggers 

Receive free products for tutorials and reviews
Be part of exclusive product launch collaborations
Feature as Bblonde's Blogger/Vlogger of the month on our website and social media channels
Be our Bblonde Blogger/Vlogger reporter at special events
Be sent product bundles for competitions on Blogger/Vlogger channels

Free Bike Workshop for 7-11 year olds

Free tickets to the Just VShow
Kinder Eggs 6,500 printed storybooks.
Bare Minerals Foundation again
I received a few other goodies as the consultant was unavailable
Elizabeth Arden 7 day sample of Prevage serum

 FREE packet of Skittles with Shopitize App. 
Code '15RNBO', buy the  Skittles.
Upload your receipt and receive £1 cashback.

Sun Perks

Two Free Alton Towers Tickets for all members
Free Millies Cookie
2 for 1 Shades of Grey tickets
Free West Cornwall pasty
20 free photo prints

O2 Priority

Hotel Chocolat Free Easter slab
LA Fitness free 5 day pass
Free Little miracles drink at Superdrug

Worth A Go As So Many

4000 packs 4 different Tomato seed varieties 
1000 of each
5000 John West Tuna with a Twist meals
400 Montagne Jeunesse Masks

Money Off and Clever Combining

Free Covent Garden soup
On offer for £1 at Asda
Further £1 off here

Free Johnsons Baby Shampoo 500ml 
On offer for £1 in Tesco 
Further £1 off here
**Tesco have changed the offer to the 300ml for £1 , you may still be able to use if part of a big shop

Free Johnsons Baby Oil
On offer for £1 in Tesco and Sainsbury's
Further £1 off here

Femfresh for £1 Usually £3.29
On offer for £2 at Superdrug
Further £1 off here

Boursin Creamy Shallot and Chive for 17p
On offer Tesco £1.17
Watch the video, the link for  a further £1 off will appear

Bold 2 in 1 Gel for £2 Usually £5.20 
On offer at Asda, a few variants at Tesco
£1 off here

Weight Watchers Chilled Meals for 48p at Asda
On offer at 98p
Further 50p off here ends 15/04

£1 Benecol Plus 
Cheapest at Morrisons.
If you have 2 vouchers, you can get two packs for £4 at Tesco

Crabbies Fruit  4 pack for £3 usually £5
On offer at Sainsburys
£1 off here

Low Low cheese snack packs for 50p
On offer in Tesco for £1
Further 50p off here

Newburn Bakehouse White rolls for £1 Usually £2.49
On offer at Sainsburys for £2.00
£1 off here

Netrogena Body balm Tub for £1.65 Usually £3.98
On offer at Tesco for £2.65
Further £1 off here

Free Cif Power and Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes 
Tescos on offer at a £1 
 Cif Normal 50 wipes for £1 and you may get the £1 off a £1 pack.

£1 off here

Activia for 69p for 4
On offer at Tesco for £1.19
50p off here

£1 off John West Steam Pots

Word FREE image made from cubes,  mosaic pattern thanks to Shutterstock 

Shopping in supermarket. Shopping trolley image thanks to Shutterstock

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

Spotlight image thanks to Shutterstock

Free label image thanks to Shutterstock

Friday, 20 March 2015

Freebie Friday 20th March

Hi Freebie Friday fans, this week seem to be all about snacks, free drinks, chocolate, sandwiches. So fill up on all the goodies and enter some fab blogger giveaways.

Bloggers feel free to add any deals, discounts and freebies as well as the giveaways.


Buy the Daily Mirror (55p) in England and Wales on Thu 26 Mar you'll get a voucher for £5 off when you spend £40 or more in an Aldi store by Thu 2 Apr

Free Origins sample

Bring any amount of empty cosmetic packaging
- from any brand -to your nearest Origins counter
and they'll give you a FREE* 1-time use sample
of one of our high performance natural skincare products
to say thank you.

To find your nearest Origins
counter visit:


Free Lidl JD Gross Chocolate Pralines

Free Burberry Kiss for a friend (Twitter)

Free sandwich and coke

Free Greggs Hot Drink

Check your app or join up iTunes/Android

FELIX Sensations Crunchy Crumble
Checkout Smart Freebies
Free Frijj
Free Mars or Twix or M+M's yogurt
Free Butcher's Choice dog food

Sun Perks Freebies

West Cornwall Pasty Friday only
Free Dork Diaries at Tesco
Free Paddington E book
Free tickets to see Robots Overlords

Send a friend a FREE Nature Valley Protein bar
A free £25 credit, with Get Taxi
Download the GetTaxi app on your Android or Apple device. 

London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham only

Check last weeks Freebie Friday for offers still running!

O2 Priority
Free Little Miracles drink at Superdrug 

Free Easter Slab at Hotel Chocolat

Worth a Go as So Many

Win 1 of 80 Spontex Cleaning prize packs

First 1000 Stabilo Pen pack
Answer 30

Win 100 The Museum of Things Left Behind 

Money Off and Clever Combining

Free Gillette Oceana Venus 2 pack Usually £2.97  
On  offer for 97p Asda may be able to get two packs 
£2.00 off here

Fairy platinum Dishwasher Tabs for £3 Usually £7

Lemon tabs on offer for £4, Asda
£1 off here

Olay Total Effects for £5.95 usually £15 
(Asda on offer for £6.95)

Bold 2 in 1 Gel for £3 Usually £6 
(Morrisons on offer for £4)

PG Tips Green and Fruit Teas for 50p
Usually £1.29 Morrrisons, Asda, Sainsburys

Covent Garden Soup Free at Asda 
On offer for £1 here

Word FREE image made from cubes,  mosaic pattern thanks to Shutterstock 

Shopping in supermarket. Shopping trolley image thanks to Shutterstock

02 Logo thanks to Shutterstock

Spotlight image thanks to Shutterstock

Free label image thanks to Shutterstock

Monday, 16 March 2015

M&S Count On Us Review

I have been enjoying different meals with M+S recently and I was asked if I would be interested in featuring the Count on Us range. Its high time, with summer coming, I started to eat a little more healthily, with time at a premium, its also nice to eat a lower calorie meal that is quick to prepare too.

The M + S count on us range has been specially developed to be low in fat (less than 3%) and calorie controlled - allowing you to enjoy great taste without the guilt!
In order to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you use. Foods that are higher in fats and sugar tend to contain a lot of calories. This range has been developed to help people who are trying to lose weight sensibly, offering a variety of great tasting products to choose from that are both low in fat (less than 3g per 100g) and calorie controlled.

It can sometimes be a struggle finding foods that can be included as part of a reduced calorie diet but our count on us range includes an assortment of foods from prepared meals, to desserts to food on the go.

The meals I chose were ones that I was hoping were tasty and also close to favourite meals but of course without the fat.

As regular readers know a good curry is often on our family's menu, so the first meal I wanted to try was the Chicken Tikka Masala with Spiced Basmati Rice.
Perfect for a Saturday night if you still want to have a Fakeaway meal  with the rest of the family. Only 400 calories and it certainly does not taste that way.
It was creamy, lovely big chunks of chicken, the sauce is fragrant, spices very apparent and the rice was perfectly cooked.
It did not taste like a healthy meal and I have bought this again, Paige had one recently and said the same as me, it just does not taste as if its a healthy range ready meal.

Next on the menu is one of my favourite meals to eat, a Jambalaya  364 calories, 5.5 syns if you are on Slimming World. I  usually cook it at home, on rare occasions if I can find a good dining establishment, I will choose it. 

I love rice mixed with meat and veg. I decided to risk it and hoped M+S could rise to my challenge.
I was happy with this version, rice in some of the ready meals I have tried can break a dish. It was perfect. The peppers and chicken tasted fresh, it was spiced as I hoped it would be. Oh and the chorizo made it feel a bit naughty, not really a low cal meal. Smoky, juicy and spicy.
Its a toughie eating this, it was so good, I wanted another one!

Finally I chose a meal with a Yorkshire pudding in, Count On Us Steak filled as well in a Wine  when watching weight there is often times where you fancy a food that just is not usually part of a low calorie diet. With some Actifry roasties and veg this was lovely, sadly I slightly overdid them, so apologies to M+S they look better.

The beef was tender, the sauce rich and tasty. I am a major fan of homemade Yorkshire puddings, I rarely but a shop bought one, in fact Chris says they are banned, but I do often fancy them.  This filled the spot. Each filled pud is only 210 calories and so you can eat two if you have managed your meals.

Overall I was very impressed with the meals I tried, I was expecting hunger after my meals and I had none. M+S do food so well and none of their well know taste was missing.

You can find a large range of Count On Us meals in M+S in store and online.

I was supplied with the meals in order to review, my opinions are my own.

Review Scoff Club Monthly Subscription

You all possibly know the expression 'Like a kid in a sweet shop' well that is what I have been this week, only the sweet shop came to me!
I remember getting the odd money treat and if I was allowed to spend it, the joy of  running straight to our village newsagent, collecting  a white paper bag from the string and then stare at the selection of goodies, shrimps, gobstoppers, blackjacks, flying saucers etc.

 If I was really lucky and had enough money it would be 2 ounces from the vast row of jarred sweet. 
I recall staring at them in awe. I imagined the joy of owning my own sweet shop one day and I could not see how Mrs Gray was not constantly dipping into the jars and how she was so slim!

When we go on holiday, mainly to Cornwall  and get to any seaside resort, we stock up on childhood sweets, the sort I used to buy as a child. I love the chance to choose an assortment, my children love it and the shops are always heaving, so its a popular business.

Sadly these shops are very few now.

There has been a rise in subscription boxes, monthly goodies through the door and I have reviewed a few. 

But this one is sweet and takes me straight back to childhood and holidays!!
No healthy snacks, not a new beauty must have in sight!

Just a scrumptious selection of sweets delivered to the door, each month for as long or as little as required.

The sweets arrive as a mystery, so that adds to the pleasure as you never know what you will receive but Scoff Club say on the site it  a box of delicious retro and classic sweets, anything from Haribo through to Swizzel Matlow sweets. 

Oh and I love the name, Scoff Club, belonging to a club of people who scoff sweets!!

The box is well packaged. I hoped it was all neatly laid out inside and I was not disappointed. A card inside mentions that there is a chance to win a Mega Scoff box in a monthly draw, if you share your box on the Facebook page!

And goodies they were.  Among the selection are Fried eggs, Rainbow drops, Drumstick lollies, Wham bars, flying saucers, a selection of boiled sweets and one of my favourites a Double Dip.

I love the fact the loose sweets are in paper bags, its a real nostalgic trip for me.

I am looking forward to the next subscription, they are delivered monthly and you can choose from two different dates. I imagine some may be themed around holidays, Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, however  as they say its a mystery each month.

I only have one negative!! It was too popular here.

Not anything to do with Scoff Club, more that the whole family wanted to help me scoff. However they did all rate the subscription as the best I have had. Conor wants one for his birthday, Paige wants one at uni, Chris said he could have one delivered to work!  I think it was a hit in our family!

I can imagine this as a fab gift for birthdays, Christmas present, for a student off to uni, a chance to treat them when they are far away from home and need a lovely reminder of Mum or Dad spoiling them. For a relative who may be in a care home. The joy of opening a surprise box of sweets makes it a thoughtful gift from a loved one.

Anybody far away who has a sweet tooth would love to be looking at the yellow tissue hiding a treasure trove of goodies.

Scoff Club offers 3 box subscriptions
500g at £9.99 per month.
750g at £11.99 per month.
and lastly
1kg at £13.99 per month.
Subscriptions are delivered on two different dates every month, the 1st and 17th, each date has a cut-off date for new orders, which are the 19th and the 5th, respectively.

So what do you think? Is this something you would like through the door each month or to send to a loved one. If you want this month's Scoff Club box you only have 3 days!! I also noticed a discount on the Facebook page. 30% of your first box of delicious retro and classic sweets!

I received a subscription to Scoff Box, my views are my own!

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